Mythology poseidon the god of the sea

In these cities major shrines were erected and the most glorious feasts and sacrifices were dedicated to them.

Once when Poseidon came ashore and was walking to the green pastures of Thessaly, met her and unable to resist to the erotic passion, he transformed into a horse, otherwise there was no way to mingle with her. The result was the monstrous Minotaur, half-man, half-bull. Poseidon, according to legends, had many children who later became very important figures in Greek mythology.

Beloved symbol of the god after the trident was the fish, especially tuna, dolphin and occasionally the bull and the horse. As I mentioned earlier, the sea and travelling across the sea as well as fishing, was very important to Greeks.

Upon their victory, Poseidon came into power. As the god of horses, Poseidon is thought likely to have been introduced to Greece by the earliest Hellenes, who also introduced the first horses to the country about the 2nd century bce.

He promised her that if she were to marry the angry god, his energies and emotions would balance, leaving him tranquil and calm. He even threatened the god that he will sell him as slave.

Poseidon (Neptune) – Greek God of the Sea

Our mother Rhea and Cronus had three sons, Zeus, Hades and me. He was one of the original Olympian gods and his brother was the supreme Greek god Zeus. One legend says that Zeus was the only child that was hidden by Rhea, and taken away to safety from his father.

He was the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes and in Greek mythology this character has a very big importance.

He had no family relationship with homonymous sons of Gaia. In order to save her, he struck with his trident the Satyr and killed him. The enraged god sent a monster on the coast of the country, which caused terrible disasters.

His name means "sea-depths". She was in love with Enipeas, the most beautiful river. During the Gigantomachythe god used the trident to break off a piece of the island Kos, under which he subsequently entombed the Giant Polybotes.

He and Athena competed for possession of the city of Athens.

Egyptian god of the sea

He therefore dried up all water sources of Argolis. Amphitrite stood out from all her sisters due to her beauty and grace. He is usually depicted as an older male with curly hair and beard. The seafarer god had numerous extramarital affairs with goddesses, nymphs and mortals and is considered the father of some of the most famous bandits of antiquity and many of the terrible monsters.

There were two Olympian gods who were interested in the position.

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Humans were afraid but at the same time they showed a great amount of love and appreciation for gods that had the ability to send the grace or eternal damnation.

So when Zeus once asked some errand and the marine god refused to perform it, he sent Iris to the ocean palace. Cronus was fooled and ashamed by her answer and left. He then transformed into a stallion and pursued her.

Poseidon Greek God of the Sea Poseidon was god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses and is considered one of the most bad-tempered, moody and greedy Olympian gods.

Neptune (mythology)

Once, the Nereids complained to their master that Cassiopeia, Queen of Ethiopia, boasted that she was more beautiful than them. Each time the newborn was crying, savages Telchines start dancing, screaming and hitting their spears on earth.

The gifts that were usually sacrificed were horses and bulls. Otherwise, my terrible wrath will fall upon him and he will be dissolved.

The god was not fooled by the trick of his sister, turned into a horse and mated with her, without her even noticing it.

After the failure of this effort, Zeus decided to punish his brother, forcing him to work in the service of King Laomedon of Troy. He died after a long battle with Achilles and transformed into the namesake bird.

Symbolism Poseidon belongs o one of the more notorius gods in Greek mythology. Poseidon as a god of the sea is responsible for the terrible storms and floods caused with a touch of the trident, but also for the smoothed sea and calm trips of the seafarers.Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea and earthquakes.

As I mentioned earlier, the sea and travelling across the sea as well as fishing, was very important to Greeks. They lived from the fruits of the sea and the only way they could travel long distances was by sea.

Jan 11,  · The Egyptian God and Goddess "of the Sea" must therefore belong to the "primeval waters" which excisted even before the Solar System was created - and therefore can this telling have nothing to do with any rivers on the Earth.

Neptune (Latin: Neptūnus [nɛpˈtuːnʊs]) was the god of freshwater and the sea in Roman is the counterpart of the Greek god Poseidon. In the Greek-influenced tradition, Neptune was the brother of Jupiter and Pluto; the brothers presided over the realms of Heaven, the earthly world, and the Underworld.

Salacia was his wife.

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Poseidon is the violent and ill-tempered god of the sea. One of the Twelve Olympians, he was also feared as the provoker of earthquakes and worshipped as the creator of the horse.

A hot-blooded deity, Poseidon had many disputes with both gods and men, most famously with Athena and Odysseus. Poseidon (Neptune) – Greek God of the Sea Poseidon (Neptune) Greek God - Art Picture by GenzoMan Poseidon (Roman equivalent is Neptune) is one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology, brother of Zeus and Hades (Pluto).

Poseidon was the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses.

Poseidon (Neptune) – Greek God of the Sea

Although he was officially one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus, he spent most of his time in his watery domain. Poseidon was brother to Zeus and Hades.

Mythology poseidon the god of the sea
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